So, where to start...how about right here? It is May 1, 2017 and I am taking on a 5-song EP challenge this month. What is significant about this is that this will be the first solo recording project that I have done in close to 30 years. That is literally a lifetime. It also marks a new beginning, but one driven by the experience gained over that lifetime, which is priceless.

Music is the one thing that I know deep down in my bones that is hard-wired in me. The problem is that I did not maintain and foster its growth with true passion, even though that flame has never died. In fact, it has nagged at me for most of that time, which is why I am here today. 

I'm dusting off gear and my songwriting chops, this time with a different mindset. Things will probably be rough--no, they will b--and that's OK. It's a journey that is more concerned about the compass than the map and destination. I have had every self defeating thought and excuse I could come up with keep me from doing what I know I must.

I also took my old site (not much there either way) and threw it away, starting this one from the ground up. As you can see, this post is the first thing up, so please ignore the remodeling as I build it out. You see, this is exactly how this entire project is: not waiting for perfection, but throwing it together out in the open. I will be posting here as I progress, so stick around and share the experience along with me. If you want to know when new things are happening, just hit me up in the contact page and I will let you know when I post something new.

I hope you enjoy this new project as much as I hope I do, and thank you for sharing it with me!